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Houp Team

Our team seeks to be as prepared as possible to transmit the tools, mindsets and habits that directly increase well-being, connecting with the participants and making learning experiences fun and memorable. 

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Facilitators and content creators

Andrea Noroña - chusca.jpg
Andrea Noroña - original.jpg

Andrea Noroña

Co-founder HoupMx

Psychologist with more than 9 years of experience in social-emotional education with children and adolescents.

Eugenio Hugler - original.jpg
Eugenio Hugler - chusca.jpg

eugenio hugler

Co-founder HoupMx

Expert in teaching strategies for social-emotional development. UPENN Certified in Positive Psychology.

Marcelo Cantú - chusca.jpg
Marcelo Cantú - original.jpg

marcelo cantú

Co-founder HoupMx

Engineer with MBA from IPADE. More than 9 years of experience as a speaker on human development issues .

Teté Plascencia - original.jpg
Teté Plascencia - chusca.jpg

teté plascencia

HoupMx program leader

Psychologist with 3 years experience in social-emotional education with students .

Co facilitators

Young members with a high leadership spirit and trained in positive psychology content. 

Dany Herrera - chusca.jpeg
Dany Herrera - original.jpeg

Dany Herrera

Monse Cremades - chusca.jpg
Monse Cremades - original.jpg

monse cremades

Andrés Muttio - chusca.jpg
Andrés Muttio - original.jpg

andrés muttio

Ana Gaby Núñez - chusca.jpg
Ana Gaby Núñez - original.jpg

ana gaby núñez

Daniel Noroña-chusca.jpg
Daniel Noroña - original.jpg

Daniel Noroña

Cristy Corral-chusca.jpg
Cristy Corral - original.jpg

cristy corral

Roby González - chusca.jpg
Roby González - original.jpg

roby gonzález

Meli Sauceda - chusca.jpg
Meli Sauceda - original.jpg

meli sauceda

Sergio Muttio - original.jpg
Sergio Muttio - chusca.jpg

Sergio muttio

Ana Lu Martínez - chusca.jpg
Ana Lu Martínez - original.jpg

Analu Martinez

Pau Garza - chusca.jpg
Pau Garza - original.jpg

pau garza

Armando Quirasco - chusca.jpg
Armando Quirasco - original.jpg
Manuel Flores - chusca.jpg
Manuel Flores - original.jpg

Manuel Flores

Daniel Noroña-chusca.jpg
Goyo Dkuba - original.jpg

goyo d'kuba

Ivanna Cárdenas - chusca.jpg
Ivanna Cárdenas - original.jpg

Ivanna cárdenas

Armando Quirasco

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